Monday, March 9, 2009

Breakfast Sweets

I actually made these quite awhile ago as they were my first successful gluten-free baking project, but I just never got a round to posting them. I was so happy to find this recipe for Cinnamon Apple Muffins because I had some buckwheat flour to use up and my family and I could always use some apple muffins. They turned out beautifully with awesome muffin tops and perfectly sweet and cinnamon-y. After making one batch of these muffins, I made another half batch the next day (I was running out of applesauce!) and froze them to snack on for awhile and they taste just as great frozen and thawed.

I finally got around to making a big batch of granola using the recipe from The Gluten Free Vegan. The only changes I made were using puffed millet instead of the puffed rice and dried cherries and raisins instead of dates since that's what I had on hand and I couldn't believe how incredibly addicting this was! I find myself snacking on it more than eating it for breakfast, but either way it's delicious!

I've been using Katie of Chocolate-Covered Katie's recipe for oatmeal raisin pudding for awhile now whenever I make oatmeal and I finally got around to blogging about it. I used Bob's Red Mill's Gluten-Free Oats, hemp milk instead of soymilk, agave nectar and stevia as the sweeteners, and added dried cherries. This recipe is awesome- by cooking the oatmeal a second time with the added liquid, it becomes so super creamy and really is better than any rice pudding I've ever made. If you want one of the easiest and most delicious oatmeal breakfasts ever, make this recipe!!


VeggieGirl said...

You KNOW how much I love your gluten-free (and soy-free!!) substitutions, since I'm in the same boat - love the eats!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Oh wow, thank you so much for such sweet words about my recipe!

Do you mind if I link back to you in a future post? I love this post!

(And you definitely get your four entries!)

shelby said...

Fabulous creations and gotta love CCV's recipes!!

DJ Karma (VegSpinz) said...

I just got into cooking millet- but PUFFED millet- I'll have to look for that!

Laci said...

Can't go wrong with CCV recipes! The muffin is so photogenic! :)