Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blind Faith Cafe Baked Goods (and they sure were good!)

Since I didn't have school for three day last week due to junior testing and my mom and I were home alone and getting bored after a few days, we went to Blind faith Cafe in Evanston for lunch on Friday. I love Blind Faith Cafe because, since I live in the suburbs, it's closer to me than other vegetarian/vegan restaurants and my mom is usually more willing to go here. Our lunch was great- my mom had a Mexican egg and vegetable scramble with a side of fresh tortillas and black beans. She loved it and, while I cannot have my input on how the eggs were, I know the black beans and tortillas were excellent because I had the seitan fajitas (which were very good), which also came with those sides, when I went to Blind Faith Cafe for lunch last year with my grandmother. This time around I opted for the Macrobiotic Plate which came with a shitload of food! It started off with a large bowl of miso soup, which was nice but the tofu pieces were a little big for my preference. The main dish consisted of two HUGE piles of brown rice topped with a shiitake gravy, some butternut squash puree, steamed kale, beans (I think pinto beans...?), a small dish of some sort of yummy lemon sauce, and a side of sea vegetable salad- see what I mean when I say it was a lot of food?! All of it was delicious- I ate a lot, but I didn't leave unpleasantly stuffed and felt like I had just eaten a super healthy meal (and I did!). The kale was a little disappointing, though, just because I prefer my greens cooked a little more. My favorite part of the dish was probably the lemon sauce it came with; I poured it all over the rice, beans and squash. The flavor was very clean simple but not one-dimensional at all.

Okay, so no pictures of lunch (my rule- I wanted to spend a nice lunch with my mom and hate fussing with pictures when trying to enjoy the company) but, as you can see above, I brought home two desserts from the bakery side of the restaurant and got pictures of those before they rapidly were gobbled up! The bakery is probably my favorite part of the restaurant because about 70% of all the baked goods and prepared foods are vegan and clearly labeled (I think they recently started labeling things more clearly within the past few months- I love it!) Okay anyways, back to my desserts. The top one is a Cappuccino Brownie and OH MY GOODNESS, was it sinful! The brownie itself was a perfect blend of fudgey and cakey and was studded with bug chunks of walnuts and chocolate chips. The brownie was then topped with a layer of cappuccino creme and then a layer of chocolate ganache! This was one of the best brownies I've ever had! The second treat I brought home was a small Maple Spice Cake which didn't take very maple-y, but the spices were spot on; neither the cinnamon nor nutmeg were overpowering at all. The cake may have been a bit dry, but the smooth, creamy, vanilla frosting balanced this out. I would have loved to get a slice of their famous Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake to get a picture for all of you, but I was in the mood for something different so that's for next time!

Haha- every time I do a post about my trip to a restaurant, I intend on making it a quick post. It never does seem to work out that way, does it?


VeggieGirl said...

I can still visualize your lunch, so no worries about no photographs :0)

Okay, those brownies and cake from Blind faith Café?? DIVINE!!!

Haha, you're like me, girl - I can NEVER write a short post, even if I intend to do so ;0)

Jennifer said...

How cool that your mom took you to a veg restaurant. Your mom rocks!

You know, I actually just feel too weird to take pictures of my food out in public. I have a camera on my cell phone, but it's a bit old as far a camera phones go and I don't know of any way to get the pictures off the phone.


Those baked good look fantastic, I'll take the cupcake!

Hannah said...

Sounds like an awesome little eatery!

Vegan_Noodle said...

You have really got me wanting one of those brownies!! Already my mind is cranking trying to figure out how to recreate them.

Oh and I love macro plates! I always feel so good when I eat them cuz I know it's good for me. Sounds like a nice lunch with your mom :-)

Ruby Red Vegan said...

your macrobiotic place really does sound like it was good. i want one now! and omg, your description just makes that brownie sound heavenly. any dessert that has the word "cappuccino" in it gets me really excited. :)

Rural Vegan said...

I have never been to Blind Faith. The next time I pass through Evanston I'm going to make it a point to stop!

Kati said...

Blind Faith is a nice spot. I especially love the lemon frosting that they put on their carrot cake - mmm! It's nice that they've started labeling things - that always frustrated me a bit.