Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Right to be Snobby

(I apologize in advance for the awful artificial lighting....)

What you see above is the recipe that made me KNOW I had to get the cookbook, Veganomicon. I first made the Snobby Joe's from Vcon before the book came out and the recipe was posted on The PPK website. Wow- I was blown away! The chili powder, maple syrup, mustard- everything! Snobby Joe's are so amazing that I believe they are completed justified in being complete snobs. I don't even think they should be in the same category as "Sloppy Joe's." Hell, they kick Sloppy Joe's ass! The flavors in this recipe are so much more complex and satisfying, not to mention how insanely healthy these are (lentils and all other legumes are truly amazing)! I have made them several times since I first made them (especially since I got the book and no longer felt like I was "cheating" by using the recipe) and decided to make this recipe again tonight. In case you didn't know, the leftovers freeze wonderfully. I'm able to get six or seven extra portions to freeze just from about 15-20 minutes cooking- I love it! I know the recipe suggests serving these open-faced, but I can't help it. I love nothing more than a nice, soft, and rather sloppy filling in between a lightly toasted and crunchy bun. Paired with some broiled asparagus and steamed broccoli (not pictured), this meal was immensely satisfying and FILLING. But not at all in the way-too-rich-I'm-going-to-explode way; it's more of the full-of-awesome-fiber-and-protein-man-I'm-healthy kind of full.

Before you jump to conclusions, I DID NOT already give into temptation and make a batch of cupcakes. Well.... I did, but not for me! My mother works at a store where her jewelry is sold (my mother designs and makes jewelry) several days a week and has mentioned to the other women she works with that I'm a vegan and love to bake. Well, one of the women loves baking but has not really been introduced to vegan cooking/baking and another woman she works with is not a veg*n, but eats out at vegetarian and vegan restaurants very often and is not "scared" of it at all. So....out of the blue I got a call on Saturday from my mom asking if I was planning on baking anything that day. She explained that the two women at work have been asking to try something that I've baked and would appreciate it if I could make something to bring over to the store. I could never pass up an opportunity to make cupcakes for people who actually requested that they be vegan! I whipped out VCTOTW and, seeing that I had some Newman-O's, decided to make some Cookies and Creme cupcakes! I didn't try one before packing them up and driving them over to my mom's work, but I did allow my dad, brother, sister (along with some of her friends) to split two cupcakes that I left behind for them (since I'm sure 10 cupcakes would be more than enough for three women!) and tried a small bite- but that small bite was plenty for me! The cupcakes are super moist and bring out the chocolate cookies in the frosting even more. Yummy! Now wait, this isn't even the best part! Well, on the way home from dropping the cupcakes off, the older women who works with my mother (who bakes a lot but doesn't know much about veganism) called me and told me how much she loved them and how surprised she was, and even asked all about the recipe and where it was from. When my mom came home she told me that the women called Borders right after getting off the phone with me, asked if they had a copy of VCTOTW, and went and bought it! I feel so wonderful that I was able to help introduce someone to veganism and make their first experience positive! See- vegan cupcakes really are taking over the world!


VeggieGirl said...

Oooh yes, those Snobby Joes are amazing - who needs those nasty Sloppy Joes?! Veganomicon is amazing.

Haha, no worries!! Keep baking those cupcakes all you want!! :0)

Kudos to you for exposing others to the wonderful world of vegan baking (and specifically, vegan cupcakes!)

Jennifer said...

Ok, so I have this cookbook, this is a recipe that doesn't involve tofu, tempeh or seitan (which I don't really like), why the hell haven't I tried this?!

You are making me want to hound Brett to make homemade burger buns so I can try these out. The picture still managed to look mouthwatering, bad lighting and all.

Those cupcakes, oh my, what I would give to be able to eat my screen (and it taste like that cupcake).

Rural Vegan said...

I've heard nothing but good things about our friend Snobby Joe, and your picture looks delicious (artificial lighting or not!) I need to quit procrastinating and make them already!

Vegan_Noodle said...

That reminds me that I need to try those snobby joes...

That's awesome about the cupcakes!! I love those oreo ones, they would win over even the biggest meat eaters.

jd said...

Mmmm... just looking at that picture of your Snobby Joes made me realize that I have to make them for dinner tonight!

I've had that paged marked in my copy of V-Con forever, but I haven't tried them yet. Thanks for the great idea!

Oh, & nice work promoting veganism through your cupcakes! I guess there's something about delicious cruelty-free desserts that makes people want to listen...

Great blog! :)