Sunday, February 24, 2008


.....pies, that is :) My first attempt at a recipe from "My Sweet Vegan" was a success, so I'm super excited (that... and probably the sugar high too)! I actually got about 15 sandwiches from these instead of 8-10 as the recipe suggested, which was perfect actually since they were still pretty large. If these were any bigger, I'm sure it'd be far too much sugar for me to handle. While I was making these, I was a little bit worried since the cookie batter and the cookies themselves did not taste very good, so I began to worry that the filling wouldn't be able to add enough flavor or sweetness to salvage them. Well, I am very pleased to announce that I was wrong- the filling on it's own was way too sweet, but was perfect with the cookies! I knew that Hannah from Bittersweet knew exactly what she was doing. Some of the whoopie pies got a bit too crumbly and fell apart after sitting for a few hours, but I think it was just because of the way that they were stacked on the plate since the ones on the bottom are fine. Either way, my family and I love these and my mom even said that even though these are about a week and a half late for Valentine's Day, they were worth the wait. I loved the vanilla filling in these, but I'm also very eager to make them again and maybe make the filling for half of the "pies" some different flavors (mint, maybe? raspberry? Oh, I know- peanut butter!) But before I remake any recipes from "My Sweet Vegan," I really wanna try as many different ones as possible.


Hannah said...

They look great- I'm so glad that you liked the recipe after all!

Vegan_Noodle said...

Oh I have so been wanting to make these!! Good to hear that the sweet frosting helps balance out the cookie. Good call on experimenting with flavors... I may have to try peanut butter too!