Friday, January 25, 2008

Birthday Cake! (but not mine)

Wednesday was my mom's birthday but I haven't been able to post until now, so it's a late birthday post! After much questioning, my mom decided on the type of cake she wanted me to make for her: carrot cake! I used the recipe from VCTOTW except x3 for two 8-inch round pans, baked them at 350 degree F (I think) for about 35-45 minutes, and frosted them with the cream cheese frosting recipe from the book (x4 but with leftover frosting)). I made this same cake several months ago and my mom LOVED it, so she was very happy with her birthday cake :) I didn't realize how much frosting I used between the two layers and on top, though, so this was very sugary. But my mom likes that and I never mind extra frosting, so it was still awesome. Oh! I got to use my mechanical pastry gun to decorate this and I actually kinda like it. Sure, you have to clean it out before you used it for a different color, and sure, it's a lil complicated at first, but I think I figured it out and overall it's pretty nice. Besides- this is the best my cake decorations have ever turned out!

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