Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Sweet Vegan a gift from the vegan gods. Seriously. As soon as I heard it finally came out I've been trying to get it, but couldn't find it in any bookstores near me. One day, it magically occurred to me that I should order it online (from Vegan Essentials to be exact) and within about a week, it was here!!

Yep- my very own copy of "My Sweet Vegan!" I bookmarked the hell out of this within an hour of opening the box, and I feel overwhelmed from all of the delicious looking recipes, but in a good way. This is really my kind of book because I find that I'm much more likely to try a recipe if there is a photo of it, and EVERY recipe in here has a gorgeous picture to go along with it. I tried to convince my mom to try one of the many recipes in here for her birthday next week, but she had her heart set on carrot cake, so that's what she'll get. However, this will definitely get some practice come Valentine's Day!

Okay, so this isn't from "My Sweet Vegan," but you knew I couldn't end this post without something sweet! Please pardon the blurry pic- my camera tends to freak out sometimes and I was in too much of a hurry to eat these to bother to fix it. Along with my cookbook I also got some hot fudge sauce, egg replacer and vegan graham crackers from Vegan Essentials, which is perfect since I have been craving s'mores and I can't stand the thought of my Sweet and Sara marshmallows just sitting in my cupboard (mainly because this leads to me snacking on them). I used some of that ricemilk chocolate in these and they were soooo good. Perfectly gooey and exactly what I needed to get my sugar craving satisfied.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting, I'm thrilled to see that you got a copy of the book! I can't wait to see what you make first, as I'd love to hear your thoughts on it too. :)