Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Milk" Chocolate

Okay, I'm sure many of your have already heard of or tried this product already, but I have been wanting to try thsi for some time now, and I finally have! It's not that I don't like dark chocolate; I actually have always preferred it's more intense flavor to the often cloying (my new favorite word) taste of the commercially-processed milk chocolate I had when I was younger. However, something in me, most likely curiosity, made me want to try this bar when I heard of it. So when my mom offered to take me Ethical Planet, an all-vegan store, last week since we'd be in Evanston anyways for my hair cut (nothing major, by the way, that's next month...) I knew I'd be buying this! I also got some more vitamins cause I was running low and some hemp seeds, but those are for some later post (the hemp seeds, not the vitamins). Anyways, back to the chocolate! Mmmmmm- it's so good! I was a little thrown off by the mellow flavor and sweetness since I've become used to dark chocolate. However, after a few more bites, I was able to appreciate the smooth flavor and creaminess much more, however some may find this a tad too sweet, but they'll probably be able to get over that since this chocolate is very good. Just a few squares of this don't look like enough, but trust me, it's enough to satisfy your cravings. I will definitely be getting this Ricemilk Chocolate bar next time I get to visit Ethical Planet again.

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Allie said...

Mmmm I've tried that stuff, they used to sell it in a co-op in my old town (which has since been shut down due to bankruptcy).
I'm more of a dark chocolate person too, but not having light chocolate for a year made me really crave it.